Our taps will be constantly rotating new beers to always keep things fresh for you but below you can find some beers that we will be brewing more often in the rotation:


Smokey Tailpipe

Smokey Tailpipe is our smoked porter. In this beer we bring the rich, smokey flavor of a barbeque cook out through aroma and flavor in this full bodied dark beer.

Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice is our New England IPA. In this beer we bring the juicy, citrus flavor of a fresh hop to you in aroma and flavor in this hazy, full bodied brew.



#53 is our Wheat Hefeweizen. In this beer we bring the complicated, old style of a full bodied wheat out in flavor and aroma in this well spiced brew.

Punch Buggy Yellow

Punch Buggy Yellow is our Blonde Ale. This beer is light bodied and easy to drink. It is a flavorful beer with a light caramel aroma that appeals to any beer drinker.


Charlie & the Chocolate Stout

Charlie & the Chocolate Stout is a rich and creamy dark stout. This is a great, full flavored and full bodied beer that is bursting with notes of cocoa and toasted grain.

Hazelnutela Brown Ale

Our Hazelnut Brown Ale is a smooth and creamy brown ale. This delicious beer is full of flavor that is bursting with that great hazelnut flavor.


Joyride Saison

Joyride Saison is a our saison with light notes of fruit and spice. This beer is lighter bodied yet it has a unique full aroma and flavor.

Lunch Pail Session Pale Ale

Lunch Pale Session Pale Ale is a beer for any occassion. This is a light bodied beer with a great citrusy after taste from a delicious hop blend.